Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where has the week gone?

So training began with the team less than 2 weeks ago. It's been so great getting to know my fellow teammates. We all have a story, and I really enjoy spending time with different runners to learn more about them. When we're out on run, we don't talk much about running, but when we're not running, we tend to talk about running; it's just the way it goes. I was out of town for last week's run, but I still got in my mileage. I grabbed my family and took them out, and we all had a run around the neighborhood. It wasn't a casual Saturday stroll either. We worked, and we got it done! Love my family, and they are my biggest supporters! Earlier this week, we had a shoe clinic and learned all about the mechanics of a shoe. I had NO idea that shoes were build so differently. I know more about my foot now, and I'll be purchasing a new pair of kicks in the next month to prepare for my big run. Track Shack was really good to us with great instruction and of course, testing out the shoes and helping with other purchases. Getting started can be overwhelming, and their team is always so gracious. I'll be continuing the journey over the next week with more training, and I hope you join me. See you on the trail!

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