Sunday, June 20, 2010

Training with Dad

So in honor of Father's Day, my dad joined me for my Saturday run. We joined the team in the early morning heat to do some hillwork and get in 4.5 miles. In our running gear (TNT shirts & short running shorts), we hit the hills. Ran a little, walked most, as I wasn't feeling super fabulous.
There are a couple photos somewhere of us on the trail, but it was good. We talked, walked and had a good time. It was cool for him to come out and see my long distance day of training. Now he's lived through a 19.5 mile training in winter, so this was really nothing. But surviving the heat was a challenge.

Afterwards, we met up with the family to visit Animal Kingdom. Exhausted at day's end, with the running around and heat. But it was good. We got to celebrate my niece's birthday as well. You know I was tired, as I couldn't even muster some ice cream cake that evening.

Now it brings a new day with the sun, some rest, plus pool time and maybe Downtown Disney.

Happy Father's Day to my absolute biggest supporter (emotionally not size-wise). I love you!

Disclaimer: he actually ties with my mom for that title.

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