Sunday, October 4, 2009

damn, it's hot

The had a 2-day cool front last week then back to 90+. Killing me! It was warm today as I walked around Blue Jacket & Lake Baldwin. A nice 5.5 miles to get in the needed exercise and prep for the Race for the Taste 10K next week.
It was a nice change to walk with a couple friends, though I felt sluggish the whole time. I guess some days are just off. I will continue to monitor my food intake around 'running' time and ensure that I'm doing well in that area.
I didn't rest much after the walk either, as I headed off for shopping and more walking.
I have to say that I'm quite annoyed that I misplaced my pedometer for the last two days. We are doing a contest at work, and I forget it for over 6-7 miles of activity in less than 48 hours. Bummer!
Time for bed (almost).

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