Monday, October 5, 2009

Muggy Evening

Holy Crap! Our cool front was literally 24 hours. Today was 90 and at 6pm, it will crazy humid. I was sweating before we even started. We varied our trek this time around and also did some crazy strength training.
I had to carry a plastic egg on a spoon for a couple quick loops - probably took 5 minutes. It was to help us with posture, and it was a challenge.
We also did squats with side leg lifts, rear lunges, push-ups on the back of a bench and tricep push-ups on the bench seat. It was good but created a good burn.
I was pouring with sweat by the time it was over, but it felt great (kinda).
I had nice conversation with one of the TNT ladies, and it made the walk must easier. Working hard getting ready for the weekend race, let alone an upcoming 26.2.

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