Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Pool Excitement

Let's start with the fact that I didn't exercise yesterday. Holy crap sore muscles. I could barely walk on Wednesday, so I decided to take a recovery day. It ended up working out great because I met up with a couple people I had gone skydiving with, and we watched the videos plus the additional footage some of us hadn't seen yet. Hilarious!

So today was a new adventure. Two of my fabulous friends, Julie & Leslee, took me to a Y with a pool. I was shown how to swim many times as a child but never picked it up; I feel like people laugh at me regularly for my 'inability' to swim. This evening, I changed. They showed me to float, to use goggles, to breathe while stroking, etc. It was an adventurous time, and I felt frustrated that I still don't like water on my face. What changed, however, is that I did well. The two of them provide great encouragement, so I felt safe and inspired to do well.

I definitely see myself buying a swim cap and some goggles. I'll probably see a bit more of the pool, though I am not ready to conquer a triathlon yet (though I have friends at work encouraging me to do so).

This week has been great with improving fitness.

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