Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello 15 Miles!

Whew! Yesterday started a bit chilly but quickly warmed up as the muscles were moving. It was chilly for Florida people...57-60 degrees. We headed out to a trail on the east side of town to do our 15 mile stretch. Well, it took just over 3.5 hours, so I actually maintained a 14:37 pace...that's great for me. They want to ensure that I can go the distance on race day, so I need to be able to keep a pace like this to buffer my time later when I will end up slowing down. Disney is a great place, but they will sweep you if you don't hit the desired mileage at certain mile markers. So back to my 15 miles, it was good. Of course doing this amount of miles at one time is not a thrill ride, more of a slightly painful one, but it's expected. So I kept my pace and kept chatting. I had a buddy with me for most of the journey, so it helped me keep going. I probably only listened to my iPod for about 20 minutes total.
My coaches were there for part of my journey as well, and they got me to 'jog' for a couple intervals, so that was good too. I fondly called one of my coaches "Jillian".

After screaming into my arm to get some excess 'argh' out, I headed to a friend's house (sweet woman) and get changed, so I could enjoy a local festival. I hobbled around the rest of the day, even to the hospital to visit a sick friend. I was definitely happy to sit down and not move as evening came.

It's Sunday, and I feel good. The plan is to head to the gym for a pilates class and treadmill work, just to keep it interesting :)

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