Saturday, November 7, 2009


When you make average great, your dreams will become a reality!

Today I cried...oh Oprah. This week she did a show on Fearless Women and 'stepping out of the box.' I had it on DVR and didn't watch it until after I walked 13 miles this morning.

This morning was hard. I didn't feel energetic from the start, and I was nervous about 13. It's a half marathon distance, and I've only done that was before (untrained). I felt off, and it most of the time to try to find a rhythm. I just didn't feel great. I was even asked if I should step down to the half marathon in January instead of going the full 26.2. Today I struggled. The inner voices fighting against each other. "I can't do this! My legs are hurting, and it's so far to go!" vs. "I can do this! I am strong!" I felt so tired, hoping that my legs would go numb before I finished.
One of my coaches finished the last couple miles with me...helping bring me home. She was a lifesaver, as I don't know what I would have done by myself. Thanks Jen!

I came home today feeling defeated. Yes, I did the 13 miles, but worried about my ability to do 2 sets of 13 miles in a row. My dad was uplifting, talking about the courage to go out and do the race, and the fact that I could do it if I got my head in the game.

So I came home to watch some TV and rest before attempting a nap. I watched the episode of Oprah. I cried...hard. Women being put in fearful tests (skydiving, roller derby, running into the ocean nude), and how they overcame each one. The sense of accomplishment, of confidence, of rejuvenation. I now have a new picture in my head. I can do it...I can push myself physically and mentally, and I can do this damn race. I don't have to be naturally athletic, tall and skinny, and I don't have to come in first place. I just have to get out there and do it.

Thanks to my friend Julie who posted the quote above on her blog today, as it really touched me today.


  1. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there today. It'll get better, I promise! And you can do this. You are a strong, capable woman and you will cross that finish line!