Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday - Whew!

Man, Monday night was dark for an evening run, but it was good. Run a couple miles plus some crazy strength training. Variety of squats plus calf raises and push-ups too. I was definitely sweating but it was cool out too.

Last night was yoga. It's been awhile since I've done yoga, but it was good. Gentle and supposed to do hormonal balance by massaging kidneys, adrenal glands, etc. It was nice. I went to the same place where I had attended Laughter Yoga, which is SO very good, yay!

Tonight I hit the gym for a nice treadmill workout. I was there for just over an hour; I did some speed work as well as working inclines and even trying to walk backwards a bit.

Wednesdays are rough for me. I have been working out since Saturday, and my body is begging for a day off. But no, I keep trudging as best I can to meet my goals and kick butt for the marathon.

I really enjoy hanging out with my Team in Training coaches/mentors and fellow runners. Everyone is so spirited and excited about the racing. It's great to be involved with people trying to get healthy and train properly.

I have to say some athletic inspiration in from two sweet friends - 1 who is about to do a relay race weekend across the state and another that just finished her first solo biking trip from Savannah to St Augustine. These ladies inspire me!

Time for Bed!!

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