Sunday, November 1, 2009

seriously, the longer you run...the more you smell

Well today was a trip. I defintely utilized my extra hour of sleep after celebrating a friend's birthday late into the evening.

Lesson 1: Get enough sleep
Lesson 2: Minimize the amount of alcohol before your 'long run' day

Since I missed my group run yesterday, I headed out to the same area they trekked yesterday to get in my mileage. I had planned to do 11 but only got 9.5 miles. My knee was hurting and so were my feet. I didn't want to push it and risk injury, especially being out there alone.

I was excited to have my iPod to keep the music pumping, except for the fact that somehow it was dead...darn it. At least a little bit lighter load, but nothing but my own thoughts to guide me...yikes. Just kidding, but it felt longer without that good vibe.

I tried my first actual 'Gu' gel, but it did nothing for me with regard to feeling an extra boost. I'm more of the fan for hammer and clif; I need to stop up with some as well.

I used my fuel belt today (all 4 bottles), and it was super handy. It's different carrying weight like that, but it was highly beneficial. Next time, I need to have 1 of the bottles hold powerade to ensure I have some electrolyte-fluid. It was quite handy, and I'm so glad that I bought it.

At the end of my trek, I was ready to crawl into bed. But no, first a very important shower. I don't understand how people enjoy sweating like this! Then my hope is to visit the World Showcase of EPCOT and enjoy the last days of Food & Wine celebration. Now for a bit of rest before even MORE walking.

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