Monday, September 28, 2009

Darn Shins

Another fun day on the 'path.' Met up with my TNT group for a 1 hour extravaganza. 45 minutes of running with 15 minutes of stretching/strength training. I got 3 miles in, fighting shin splints the whole way. argh! It was so frustrating, but I must figure out how to effectively deal with them.
For the stretching, we did 25 pushups and 25 situps and even some squats. For the squats, we bent down in a squat then when raising would lift one leg. We did 10 for each leg with total 20 squats. We also did the fun 'coach pull' where we run in 2 circles (approx 30 feet?) dragging our coach behind us by a resistance band. Coach pulls us back and we strive forward.
It's been a good run, and I'm looking forward to a good night sleep. Training has started to become a bit easier (kinda), and it feels good to get out and get the blood pumping. I'm also enjoying the nice people that I'm meeting in the group (not enough boys though).
I'm out.

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