Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Hot Outside

The sun kissed my forehead this morning, and light blurred my vision as I slept in (enjoyingly) until 8:45am. I didn't even give myself a chance to delay, as I crawled my from bed and immediately changed into my running outfit. Now I see why they saw to lay it out the night before. I crawled down the stairs and out the door. Today I used my iPod to keep it pumping as I walked (little bit o' running) around the neighborhood for 40 minutes. By the time my little trip was over, its was 87 degrees outside. Holy cow, is that why I was sweating so much. I enjoyed half a Larbar (sp?) that tasted like Banana bread (thanks Julie). I decided to stop by Sports Authority in the search for spandex'y capris and try on shoes. Not so much luck in the shoe department, but I do have a pair of Brooks waiting for me to pick-up tomorrow from Track Shack. I also found some moisture-wick socks; I want to try out a different type of sock since my feet get so sweaty. I love shopping for athletic clothing.

Now that the sun is setting on the day, and I still feel pretty good. I am enjoying my first glass of Perrier, which I opted for instead of a glass of wine. It's a different taste, but I've read that drinking a bit daily improves body performance. So it can't hurt to try :)

See you on the track tomorrow!

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