Saturday, September 26, 2009

The week over already

Looking back on the week I missed a couple days (well one was a rest day). On Wednesday, I felt beat. I don't know if I should blame the flu shot or not. I started feeling feverish and exhausted around the end of the day, and that's when I was supposed to be at the gym. I went home and went to bed at 9:30pm (early). I slept it off and was able to get into the gym at work for a 45 minute treadmill run.
This morning was the TNT group run, and we did 4.5 miles. I paced about 14:33; I'm not that fast when it comes to longer race distances, but I'm steady. I was tired and achy through the first couple miles but by the end I was in stride. I was glad that I went today since I had a raging headache Friday night that had me restless and pained.
Now I smell all stinky, but I've had a chai latte and that made the morning better. I am really enjoying the pain and thrill of doing a marathon. It's not easy, but I know I can do it.
Time for a quick nap before I go to support my friend in her race tonight.

BTW, I also need to shop for a fuel belt since I have to start carrying my liquids and clifshots. I also have to figure out good cross-training, and one of my coaches recommended Biggest Loser videos, so I'll be searching for that online today.

Fun times. Hopefully in the next week I'll be able to post some pictures of my progress.

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