Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weighing In

I don't own a scale because I'm one of those obsessive people that would weigh myself twice a day. Who needs that stress? So when I go to Publix or a friend's house, I hop on the scale. Until 7 months ago, I was okay with the number. Slowly, it's been increasing. Stress, bad eating habits, stress, lack of exercise, stress, you get the idea.
Today that has changed as well. At work, there is a special group doing a 'Weigh In'. There will be teams and contests and motivation for positive change. Today I hopped onto the scale; no, not in front of anyone. The only one who knows my number is the coordinator of the activity. For the next 5 weeks, I will weigh in and track my progress. Let's slow down on that junk food and soda and move into the direction of more vegatables and water. Like exercise, my eating habits are not that consistent. That is why I look forward to this new challenge with "Weighing In" and working with friends in a circle of accountability. We all need support in some fashion, and I have found a group that shares love so freely.
I am so grateful. So tomorrow is a new day with opportunities with positive change. Go in the direction of your dreams!

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